How It Works

Nextil is a simple and easy to use platform that helps you manage your shop by replacing the traditional signup sheet with modern and a digital solution.



In the registration process, you have 2 options. You can register as a Owner or as a Staff member.


How Owner Adds Shop

After logging in, the owner can add a shops by clicking on the Shops icon and then the Plus button. The owner can then add the shop details such as the shop name, address, and phone number.

Self-signup Kiosk

Clients can signup to the waitlist using the Self-signup Kiosk. Clients can also select any available staff member they perfer to be served by or they can just leave the field as "Any".



Owner and Staff have access to see how many clients are waiting and how many other staff members are available. When set as available, the staff member will be able to serve the next client on the waitlist.


Get access to your business analytics, revenue, customers and more. See how your business is doing by the day, week, month or year.

shop details

Shop Details

Every shop will have a unique QR code. The QR code can be used by staff to send a request to the shop owner to add them as a staff member. Owner can also add or update shop details.

Owner will have a section for Staff Request and Staff Members, where owner can approve or decline the request. If approved, the staff member will be added to the shop and will be able to access the shop waitlist.